• Winnie Oyster Table Lamp- Lillian Home

    Winnie Oyster Table Lamp


  • Anderson Mercantine Table Lamp- Lillian Home

    Anderson Mercantine Table Lamp


  • Bruno Pane Table Lamp- Lillian Home

    Bruno Pane Table Lamp


  • Serena Oyster Table Lamp- Lillian Home

    Serena Oyster Table Lamp


  • Seren Pink Table Lamp- Lillian Home

    Seren Pink Table Lamp


  • Porter Pink Table Lamp


  • Crosby Mercantine Table Lamp


  • Raymond Haberdash Table Lamp


  • Hugo Emerald Green Table Lamp


  • Emmylou Emerald Green Table Lamp


  • Canaan Proper Table Lamp


  • Eileen Truffle Table Lamp


  • Andreas Pane Table Lamp


  • Epala Distressed Table Lamp


  • Epala Oyster Table Lamp


  • Sera Pretty Pink Wood Lamp


  • Amina Carved Wooden Table Lamp - Lillian Home

    Amina Carved Wooden Table Lamp


  • Mario Carved Wood Table Lamp


  • Fletcher Carved Wood Table Lamp - Lillian Home

    Fletcher Carved Wood Table Lamp


  • Willa Carved Wood Table Lamp


  • Celeste Solid Wood Table Lamp - Lillian Home

    Celeste Solid Wood Table Lamp


  • Arlo Solid Wood Table Lamp - Lillian Home

    Arlo Solid Wood Table Lamp


  • Gus Solid Wood Table Lamp - Lillian Home

    Gus Solid Wood Table Lamp


  • Alma Carved Wooden Table Lamp - Lillian Home

    Alma Carved Wooden Table Lamp


Discover our Collection of Intricate, Ornate, and Unique Oak, Solid Wood Lamps
At Lillian Home, the intricate craftwork on our oak solid wood and Carved Lamps is truly a work of art. Designed by our artists and finished by hand, our unique wooden table lamps feature designs from simple and elegant to fancy and ornate. There are both thin and broad options, with square or round shapes at the base — something for everyone! Our solid wood table lamps come in a variety of textures. Choose from painted wood, distressed wood, metallic-look or a ceramic-look. We also carry white-with-gold table lamps, black-with-gold table lamps, natural wood color table lamps, and speckled table lamps. The drum and square-shaped shades on our wooden lamps come in white or beige for a modern twist on these classic designs.
How to Feature our Unique Wooden Lamps in Your Home
Really, the only limit is your imagination! Position a cast-iron-style lamp on the study desk for inspiration, or set one of our especially detailed and unique wooden table lamps in the living area as a stylish focal point. The simpler, clean-cut designs with white paint and gold trim are ideal to make your bedroom feel warm and cozy at night, while adding a lightness to your room during the day.
Solid Wood Table Lamps
Are you shopping for a unique solid wood table lamp for your home? Our beautiful solid wood table lamps can tie any interior design together. Whether you’re shopping for wooden table lamp for your bedroom, living room, dining room, den, family room, or entryway, you’ll be sure to find the perfect solid wood table lamp to complete your home’s décor here.
Let Home Shine with Lillian Home
In addition to wooden table lamps, Lillian Home offers a wide selection of home lighting, including glass and pottery lamps, floor lamps, metal lamps, and hanging lights such as chandeliers and lanterns. Our other home furnishings and accessories include coffee and side tables, candle holders, sconces, and mirrored trays. Our vision is to create classic pieces that maintain a timeless attraction, while giving them a fresh, modern interpretation and a unique personality. The variety of shapes and styles in our online store means that you’re sure to find something to express your unique personality and complement the character of your home — whether you’re redecorating your existing abode or furnishing a new one.
If you have any questions about our solid wood table lamps, or for more information, feel free to call us at 844-762-8158 or send an email here. Shop our elegant and unique wooden table lamps now!