Amina Carved Wooden Table Lamp


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The Amina Carved Wooden Table Lamp is inspired from vintage french lamps, made with solid oak wood featuring a grey finish with white distressed finish. It tastefully transforms any setting with a warm and magical glow. The detailed carvings on the wooden base are handcrafted and painted to the highest standards of woodworking. Every curvature and pattern are delicately chosen to create a unique, one-of-a-kind motif. 

Position it on a side table to light up your seating or reading area. The lamp’s gorgeous display lends itself beautifully to both opulent and more homely styles.

  • Wood: Solid Oak Wood
  • Hand-Carved, Hand Made, and Hand Painted
  • Design: Gray With Off White Distressing and Some Natural Wood Showing
  • Shade: Top 15.5″ X Bottom 18″ X 11″ Height 
  • Fabric Shade: Natural Linen

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