• Sydney Buffet- Lillian Home

    Sydney Buffet


  • Tyler Buffet- Lillian Home

    Tyler Buffet


  • Hugo Brown Buffet- Lillian Home

    Hugo Brown Buffet


  • Maxx Modern Buffet- Lillian Home

    Maxx Modern Buffet


  • Carmel Large Console Table- Lillian Home

    Carmel Large Console Table


  • Felix Buffet- Lillian Home

    Felix Buffet


  • Eaton Buffet- Lillian Home

    Eaton Buffet


  • Augustine Buffet- Lillian Home

    Augustine Black Buffet


  • Jason Raw Oak Desk- Lillian Home

    Jason Raw Oak Desk


  • Gabriel Oak Dresser- Lillian Home

    Gabriel Oak Dresser


  • Sage Oak Wood Nightstand- Lillian Home

    Sage Oak Wood Nightstand


  • Selma Light Oak Nightstand- Lillian Home

    Selma Light Oak Nightstand


  • Selma Natural Oak Nightstand- Lillian Home

    Selma Natural Oak Nightstand


  • Mason Light Oak Double Dresser- Lillian Home

    Mason Light Oak Double Dresser


  • Mason Natural Double Dresser- Lillian Home

    Mason Natural Double Dresser


  • Donna Large Sideboard Buffet- Lillian Home

    Donna Large Sideboard Buffet


  • Mason Long White Dresser- Lillian Home

    Mason Long White Dresser


  • Mason Tall White Dresser- Lillian Home

    Mason Tall White Dresser


  • Norah 3 Drawer Oak Nightstand- Lillian Home

    Norah 3 Drawer Oak Nightstand


  • Kara Large Light Oak Dresser


  • Kara Large White Dresser


  • Kara Light Oak Nightstand


  • Kara White Nightstand


  • Mia White Dresser


Dressers Oak Furniture, White Dresser and French Country Furniture Collection

Lillian Home’s dresser oak furniture and bedroom dressers collection is created by our designers. The superior grade construction of our solid wood furniture ensures years of reliable use. All our painted wood furniture is built with solid oak wood. Shop our high end solid wood dresser, console cabinets, dining tables, chairs, accent furniture, and more. At Lillian Home, we build classic solid furniture with a sturdy construction that will last your family for a long time. Our wood tables are solid and substantial.
So whether you’re looking for a unique white dresser or console cabinet to fit a certain spot, or are more interested in the big picture of bringing your own vision of elegant home decor to life, Lillian Home has just what you’re looking for. Browse our collection of solid wood furniture today!

Wood Cabinets & Natural Wood Dressers
Shopping for wood dresser or furniture for your home? At Lillian Home we carry a traditional selection of oak wood furniture. Choose from painted transitional wood cabinets and wood dressers. Our traditional french cabinets and wood dresser will provide a place to display decorative items and storage. If you’re shopping for painted wood furniture for your living room, bedroom, family room, or dining room, you will find the perfect piece of traditional-transitional furniture for your home here.
If you have any questions about our solid oak wood cabinets or chests, or for more information, feel free to call us at 844-762-8158 or send an email here. Shop our selection of contemporary solid oak wood furniture today!