Alonso Solid Wood Table Lamp


Alonso Solid Wood Table Lamp: Wooden Table Lamps for Living Room Luxury

Wooden table lamps for your living room are the perfect way to create interest and intrigue while bringing out your home’s innate luxurious feel. This hand-carved, hand-painted, and handmade wooden table lamp is the perfect conversation piece your living room is missing. Enjoy the aesthetics of the careful attention to detail that’s noted in each curvature and carving, as well as in the careful placement of the white distressing and gold accents. This lamp fits in effortlessly with your current home décor while also standing out on its own so that you can design a living room that is a flawless mix of luxury and charm.

Handmade Quality

A wooden table lamp for the living room should be of heirloom quality. Which is why Lillian Home’s handmade wooden table lamps are essential. Careful attention to detail is taken in unique hand carvings so each lamp feels as if it is one-of-a-kind. Tan in color with off white distressing to bring out a rustic energy that blends perfectly with the luxurious gold accents. A truly unique pairing. With some natural wood still visible, this lamp is a distinctive piece you will treasure for many years.

Lillian Home Wooden Table Lamps for the Living Room

Lillian Home offers a thoughtfully curated selection of home furnishings and accessories. Handmade wooden table lamps are only part of the one-of-a-kind, heirloom quality furnishings and accessories Lillian Home offers. Each detail on the handmade wooden table lamps was carefully placed there to create rustic elegance and bring out the charisma and allure of your home. Let Lillian Home help you bring your home to life and light it up with unique designs and modern styles that are in a league of their own.

  • Wood: Solid Oak Wood
  • Hand-Carved, Hand Made, and Hand Painted
  • Design: Taupe with Off White Distressing and Natural Wood Showing
  • Shade 16.5″ Top x 18″ Bottom x 11″ Height
  • Fabric Shade Natural Linen Color

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