• Abstract Painting Jar Lamp


  • Addison Solid Wood Floor Lamp - Lillian Home

    Addison Solid Wood Floor Lamp


  • Adele Dark Brown Table Lamp - Lillian Home

    Adele Dark Brown Table Lamp


  • Aleyna Crystal Floor Lamp- Lillian Home

    Aleyna Crystal Floor Lamp


  • Alma Carved Wooden Table Lamp - Lillian Home

    Alma Carved Wooden Table Lamp


  • Alonso Solid Wood Table Lamp


  • Alora Gold Table Lamp- Lillian Home

    Alora Gold Table Lamp


  • Amelia Crystal Table Lamp- Lillian Home

    Amelia Crystal Table Lamp


  • Amina Carved Wooden Table Lamp - Lillian Home

    Amina Carved Wooden Table Lamp


  • Anderson Mercantine Table Lamp- Lillian Home

    Anderson Mercantine Table Lamp


  • Anderson Solid Wood Table Lamp


  • Andreas Pane Table Lamp


Oak Wood, Metal and Crystal Lamps | Luxury Table Lamps  

Great quality Lamps doesn’t just light up a room: It brings rest and relaxation when you sit down with a good book or a nice drink. Its light is perfect for late-evening chats. It fills out dark corners to make rooms feel warm and inviting from end to end. Turn off the overhead lights at the end of the day, and unwind in the ambiance of light. Also quality lighting means home decoration key element that makes the room inviting and charming

Glass & Crystal Lamps

Lillian Home sells a great variety of unique wooden, luxury crystal, floor and metal lamps, and much more. They are offered in materials to best suit your personal tastes. Our lights come in a variety of materials such as; wood, glass, crystal, pottery, and metal. All of our lamps are designed for a one-of-a-kind look that you won’t find anywhere else, and our wood and floor lamps are hand-finished for a truly personal touch.

A Design Just for You

Whether you’re redecorating your home, or furnishing a new one, our goal is to create lights with individuality and flair. Our best-selling unique wood lights and our many other lamps come in very different styles, each one with its own special look, from our hearty and comfortable wood-carved lamps to our stylish metal lights. There’s sure to be a design just for you waiting in our collection. Don’t settle for something mass-produced by the millions. Let your personality shine out through just the right luxury table lamp from Lillian Home.

Illuminate Your Life

Our unique wooden lamps, as well as our glass, crystal, metal, and pottery lighting lamps, enhance the charm and elegance of your home. They create visual comfort that you, your family, and your guests can all enjoy. Shop our timeless pieces today, and bring your home to life with lighting from Lillian Home.

Ceramic & Floor Lamps

Are you shopping for a colorful pottery table lamp for your home? Our rustic ceramic collection is the perfect addition to any room. Looking for an elegant crystal or glass table lamp? Browse our beautiful selection of glass and crystal collection to find a chic lamp for your home. Our selection of lighting is vast. Choose from round, rectangular, or square. At Lillian Home we also carry a stylish assortment of unique metal table lamps. Need a solid wood table lamp for your home? Our solid wood feature classic designs, and are finished by hand. Our table and floor lamps come in many different finishes such as: gold, silver, and wood. Whether you’re shopping for a table or floor lamp for your bedroom, living room, den, family room, dining room, or entryway, you’ll be sure to find the perfect style to complete your home’s décor here.

If you have any questions about our table or floor lights, or for more information, feel free to call us at 844-762-8158 or send an email here. Shop our lights now!