• Lola White and Gold Wall Mirror- Lillian Home

    Lola White and Gold Wall Mirror


  • Salome Light Oak Mirror- Lillian Home

    Salome Light Oak Mirror


  • Zoe Light Oak Mirror- Lillian Home

    Zoe Light Oak Mirror


  • Manon Light Oak Mirror- Lillian Home

    Manon Light Oak Mirror


  • Fenetre Oak Wood Mirror- Lillian Home

    Fenetre Oak Wood Mirror


  • Shop Now Dara Full Length Oak Wood Mirror

    Dara Full Length Oak Wood Mirror


  • Dara Oak Wood Wall Mirror- Lillian Home

    Dara Oak Wood Wall Mirror


  • Grayson Grey and Silver Oak Mirror- Lillian Home

    Grayson Grey and Silver Oak Mirror


  • Romeo Trumeau Wall Mirror- Lillian Home

    Romeo Grey Trumeau Mirror


  • Grayson White and Gold Oak Mirror


  • Lola Carved Wood Frame Mirror


  • Cruz Carved Wood Mirror


  • Maxwell Set of 3 Mirror- Lillian Home

    Maxwell Set of 3 Mirror


  • Dexter Wood Frame Mirror


  • Romeo Distressed Trumeau Mirror


Wood Mirrors, Large and Elegant

Shop our impeccably-crafted wood Trumeau mirrors. Our wood Trumeau mirrors can effortlessly expand any room. Browse our wide selection of rectangular Trumeau mirrors. Choose from elegant and classic wooden wall mirrors in a variety of shapes and finishes. From round wooden wall mirrors, to rectangle wooden wall mirrors, at Lillian Home we have the classic wooden mirrors to compliment any home’s décor. If you are shopping for a wooden Trumeau mirror for your bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, family room, or entryway, our wooden wall mirrors can add an elegant touch.

Rectangular Wall Mirrors
Are you looking for a wooden wall mirror to complete the interior of your home? Our beautiful wood wall mirrors can tie an interior design together, by adding light, beauty, and style. Whether you’re shopping for a rectangular wooden wall mirror or a round wooden wall mirror, you’ll be sure to find the perfect wood wall mirror for any room of your home. In French, trumeau is the word for the thin section of wall between two doors or windows. The word was first used to describe a mirror on that section of wall in the early 1700s. By the middle of the century, it was used to describe a mirror above a mantle (in English, we call that a pier glass).
If you have any questions about our wooden Trumeau mirrors, or for more information feel free to call us at 844-762-8158 or send an email here. Shop Lillian Home’s unique historical-style wooden wall mirrors now!