• Chateau Gold Louis Philippe Mirror


  • Zeke Champagne and Gold Mirror- Lillian Home

    Zeke Champagne and Gold Mirror


  • Arena Black and Gold Round Mirror- Lillian Home

    Arena Black and Gold Round Mirror


  • Tulip White and Gold Mirror- Lillian Home

    Tulip White and Gold Mirror


  • Tulip White and Gold Sectional Mirror- Lillian Home

    Tulip White and Gold Sectional Mirror


  • Adore Champagne and Silver Mirror- Lillian Home

    Adore Champagne and Silver Mirror


  • Adora Gold and Silver Mirror- Lillian Home

    Adora Gold and Silver Mirror


  • Maya Small Gold Mirror- Lillian Home

    Maya Small Gold Mirror


  • Lilly Silver and Gold Mirror- Lillian Home

    Lilly Silver and Gold Mirror


  • Louis Black and Gold Mirror- Lillian Home

    Louis Black and Gold Mirror


  • Selina Wall Mirror- Lillian Home

    Selina Wall Mirror


  • Macon White Oval Mirror- Lillian Home

    Macon White Oval Mirror


Luxury Louis Philippe Mirrors
French Feel with Lillian Home Louis Philippe Wall Mirrors
Would you love to have an antique-style, stately wall mirror for your hallway, bedroom, or bathroom? Our rectangular Louis Philippe mirrors could be just the thing. With gently rounded curves and delightfully subtle ornamentation, Louis Philippe’s antique wall mirrors provide an impressive addition to your home decor. If you are shopping for a Louis Philippe mirror for your bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, family room, or entryway, our Louis Philippe mirrors can add an elegant touch.
Get to Know and Love the Antique Louis Philippe Style of Home Decor
Louis Philippe was a French monarch who reigned between 1830 and 1848. He was known for his love of simplicity—preferring business wear over robes, disliking pomp and ceremony, and carrying his own umbrella. During his reign, a number of important Romantic composers came to the fore, including Chopin, Liszt, Berlioz, Verdi, and Wagner, as well as important contemporary developments in architecture and visual art. The Louis Philippe-period furniture style prioritized comfort and featured curved lines and padded surfaces. These simple, rounded edges are seen in many of our Louis Philippe mirror designs.
The Light Wooden Tones of Our Louis Philippe Collection
At the beginning of the era, the generally heavy pieces were made from light wood colors with darker inlays, with this order being reversed later on. Our collection of Louis Philippe wall mirrors is large and stately, featuring light wooden tones with attractive silver, white, and gold leafing.
Buy a Lillian Home Louis Philippe Mirror for Your Home
If you love unique furniture with character, you’ll adore our collection of French antique-style Louis Philippe wall mirrors. These solid framed wall, floor, and mantel mirrors come in a range of shapes and sizes and go beautifully in the hallway, over the mantel, or for tasteful decoration in the bathroom or bedroom. Combine a Louis Philippe mirror with our gold and silver-leaf console and side tables for the ultimate in elegance. From silver and gold, to a beautiful wood finish, you’ll find the perfect Louis Philippe wall mirror to enhance your home’s interior here.
If you have any questions about our Louis Philippe wall and floor mirrors, or for more information, feel free to call us at 844-762-8158 or send an email here. Shop our selection of Louis Philippe wall mirrors and floor mirrors now!