• Axel Antiqued Gold Leaf Mirror - Lillian Home

    Axel Antiqued Gold Leaf Mirror


  • Zynan Sectional Wall Mirror- Lillian Home

    Zynan Sectional Wall Mirror


  • Zeke Black and Gold Mirror- Lillian Home

    Zeke Black and Gold Mirror


  • Zeke Champagne and Gold Mirror- Lillian Home

    Zeke Champagne and Gold Mirror


  • Senya Gold Leaf Round Mirror- Lillian Home

    Senya Gold Leaf Round Mirror

    Original price was: $599.00.Current price is: $449.00.

  • Bolu Gold Wall Mirror- Lillian Home

    Bolu Gold Wall Mirror


  • Bolu Silver Wall Mirror- Lillian Home

    Bolu Silver Wall Mirror


  • Tuma Gold Oval Wall Mirror- Lillian Home

    Tuma Gold Oval Wall Mirror


  • Tuma Silver Oval Wall Mirror- Lillian Home

    Tuma Silver Oval Wall Mirror


  • Gunner Gold Starburst Mirror- Lillian Home

    Gunner Gold Starburst Mirror


  • Fenetre Oak Wood Mirror- Lillian Home

    Fenetre Oak Wood Mirror

    Original price was: $979.00.Current price is: $499.00.

  • Manon Light Oak Mirror- Lillian Home

    Manon Light Oak Mirror

    Original price was: $799.00.Current price is: $499.00.

Decorative, Louis Philippe and Gilded Mirrors

Large and Elegant

Shopping for a unique wall mirror? Wood Trumeau mirrors have a dash of magic to them. Our impeccably-crafted wood-carved are large and elegant. These elegant pieces can effortlessly expand any room with grace and charm. Our wooden wall mirrors are fashion focal points, centering the decor not only along their entire wall, but showcasing your room in new angles and perspectives. Wooden Trumeau are great conversation pieces and of course, they’re incredibly useful. What’s not to love?

Wood Wall Mirrors

We design our wood-carved wall and floor mirrors large enough to project the depth and dimension you want in your bedroom or living room, but with enough substance and detail in the woodwork and the overall shape that they serve as artistic centerpieces in their own right. With our wood carved mirrors, large and unique, you can easily bring this potential to life. Think of the possibilities!

Classical and Artistic

Looking for a Louis Philippe wall mirror for your home? Lillian Home’s unique, old-fashioned mirrors give off a modern vibe but also feature a clear callback to a more classical time, with their large size, gorgeous gold leaf highlights, and hand-finished distressed wood. Full-length also offer a lot more aesthetic value than their smaller counterparts, with a “big picture” sensibility, space for different viewing angles, and coverage low enough to the floor for your little ones to take a peek.

Thoughtful Design

For a gilded wall mirror that goes beyond mere utility, you have to open your imagination and let your personality shine through. That’s what we do at Lillian Home, and it’s why our wall, floor length and vanity mirrors are so unique. Our metal framed feature clean lines paired with rich visual textures. Choose from a silver, gold, black, or metal finish. Shop our rectangular and round wall mirrors to find the perfect addition to your interior.

Impeccably Crafted

In every room of your home, untapped beauty lies dormant until the right piece comes into the picture. If you are shopping for a wall mirror for your bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, family room, or entryway, our wood wall mirrors can add an elegant touch. Best of all, our mirrors have the quality construction to deliver on their stunning look. Sturdy, solid, and built to last, our distressed wood full-length and our gold leaf mirrors will come into your home for many years of uplifting insight. This is home decor at its best, offering life and lifestyle through wonderful designs that speak to your personality.

Unique & Metal Frame Vanity Mirrors

Browse our collection of wood, Louis Philippe, and metal framed wall mirrors today, and let your imagination come alive with Lillian Home! Whatever your style may be, you’ll come to love the craftsmanship and individuality that we design into all of our wall, floor, and vanity.

 If you have any questions about our metal frame, decorative wood, or our Louis Philippe, or for more information, feel free to call us at 844-762-8158 or send an email here. Shop our gold, silver, black, metal, and wood wall mirrors now!