• Jayden Crystal Floor Lamp- Lillian Home

    Jayden Crystal Floor Lamp


  • Aleyna Crystal Floor Lamp- Lillian Home

    Aleyna Crystal Floor Lamp


  • Maya Crystal Table Lamp- Lillian Home

    Maya Crystal Table Lamp


  • Hannah Solid Crystal Table Lamp- Lillian Home

    Hannah Solid Crystal Table Lamp


  • Sally Solid Crystal Table Lamp- Lillian Home

    Sally Solid Crystal Table Lamp


  • Katie Solid Crystal Table Lamp- Lillian Home

    Katie Solid Crystal Table Lamp


  • Mati Solid Crystal Table Lamp


  • Elle Crystal Table Lamp


  • Mason Solid Crystal Mercury Glass Table Lamp - Lillian Home

    Mason Solid Crystal Table Lamp


  • Skylar Hand Blown Glass Lamp- Lillian Home

    Skylar Hand Blown Glass Lamp


  • Ashley Light Blue Glass Lamp- Lillian Home

    Ashley Light Blue Glass Lamp


  • Vara Solid Crystal Table Lamp- Lillian Home

    Vara Solid Crystal Table Lamp


Stunningly Elegant Table Lamps
In life, there are moments when you look at something and realize its potential in a way you’d never thought about before. For many people, home lighting is an afterthought: Just buy a lamp from a big-box store and consider it done. When we’re younger, many of us don’t have the budget for unique home furnishings and complementary decor, so we settle for family hand-me-downs and cheap lamps that are purely for utility.
Then, one day, you look at an old table lamp and realize, “This can be more beautiful.” That is the moment when glass and crystal table lamps come into your life. Any table lamp can hold a bulb, but the lamp itself can also be a work of art and part of a home’s overall charm. Like a small indoor lighthouse, it naturally draws attention to itself. This makes it a focal point for bringing your home decorating visions to life.
Classic Light: Regular Glass & Crystal Glass Lamps
Glass and crystal are luxury materials. They’re heavy, stately, and gorgeous. They can hold exquisite patterns, play on colors, and even shine from the light of the bulb they’re carrying.
Lillian Home offers a sublime collection of glass and crystal lamps, each with its own unique style and custom finish, meaning we’re sure to have something perfect for your specific tastes and individuality.
Decorate with Flair
Crystal table lamps and glass table lamps add light to a room, making them great counterbalances to darker furnishings or wall colors, while in a lighter color scheme they make outstanding partners to decorative, colorful adornments nearby, like photographs, plants, and curios.
So browse our collection, and brighten your home with these stunning pieces that your family will love and your guests will admire. Our chic glass and crystal lamps will light up your life in more ways than one! Shop Lillian Home for all of your lighting needs!
Crystal and Glass Lamps 
Are you shopping for a crystal or glass table lamp to complete the interior of your home? Our beautiful crystal and glass table lamps can tie any interior design together. Whether you’re shopping for a crystal or glass table lamp for your bedroom, living room, dining room, den, family room, or entryway, our table lamps can add elegant touch to any room.
If you have any questions about our glass and crystal table lamps, or for more information, feel free to call us at 844-762-8158 or send an email here. Shop our elegant and unique crystal and glass table lamps now!