• Lea Natural Oak Small Chandelier- Lillian Home

    Lea Natural Oak Small Chandelier


  • Lea White Oak Small Chandelier- Lillian Home

    Lea White Oak Small Chandelier


  • Atlas Black Small Chandelier- Lillian Home

    Atlas Black Small Chandelier


  • Atlas Gold Small Chandelier- Lillian Home

    Atlas Gold Small Chandelier


  • Lilly Gold Chandelier- Lillian Home

    Lilly Gold Chandelier


  • Atlas Gold Oval Chandelier- Lillian Home

    Atlas Gold Oval Chandelier


  • Atlas Black Oval Chandelier- Lillian Home

    Atlas Black Oval Chandelier


  • Atlas Gold 3 Tier Chandelier- Lillian Home

    Atlas Gold 3 Tier Chandelier


  • Maxim Silver & Gold Chandelier- Lillian Home

    Maxim Silver & Gold Chandelier


  • Elodie Gold Lantern


  • Elodie Silver & Gold Lantern


  • Elodie Black & Gold Lantern


Home Lighting, Ceiling Lights and Light Fixtures – Kitchen Island Pendant Lights

Are you shopping for home lighting, ceiling lights and light fixtures for your home? At Lillian Home we carry a variety of modern light fixtures that will enhance the beauty of any room. Our contemporary kitchen island pendant lights will become a decorative feature in your kitchen. Shop our kitchen island pendant lights in gold, silver or wood finishes.


Modern Chandeliers & Decorative Wall Sconces

Looking for a modern chandelier? Our modern chandeliers will bring elegance to your home décor. Shop our wood or metal chandeliers to find the perfect indoor lighting for your home. If you are shopping for decorative wall sconces, browse through our selection of iron wall sconces and wood wall sconces. These wall sconces add an element of design as well as provide a soft glow to your interior.

Transitional Home Lighting

Are you building or remodeling your home? Interior lights can make all the difference in terms of design and atmosphere. Our modern lantern light fixtures are designed with a contemporary look. From stylish wall sconces to modern chandeliers, we offer a vast selection of contemporary lighting options. Whether you are shopping for a modern pendant light fixture for your bedroom, dining room, living room, family room, den, or entryway, you will find the perfect light fixture to complete your home’s décor here.

If you have any questions about our modern lighting fixtures or for more information, feel free to call us at 844-762-8158 or send an email here. Shop our selection of pendant lanterns, chandeliers, and wall sconces!