• Soho Gold Box Cube Shelf- Lillian Home

    Soho Gold Box Cube Shelf


  • Bullani Gold Large Shelf- Lillian Home

    Bullani Gold Large Shelf


  • Darrel Gold Modern Shelf


  • Altu Gold Leaf Large Shelf- Lillian Home

    Altu Gold Leaf Large Shelf


  • Lazaro Gold Leaf Shelf- Lillian Home

    Lazaro Gold Leaf Shelf


  • Octavia Gold Shelf- Lillian Home

    Octavia Gold Shelf


  • Sulu Silver and Gold Large Shelf- Lillian Home

    Sulu Silver and Gold Large Shelf


  • Bullani Black & Gold Small Shelf- Lillian Home

    Bullani Black & Gold Small Shelf


  • Bullani Gold Small Shelf- Lillian Home

    Bullani Gold Small Shelf


  • Zaro Gold Shelf- Lillian Home

    Zaro Gold Shelf


  • Melody Champagne & Gold Serving Cart- Lillian Home

    Melody Champagne & Gold Serving Cart


  • Melody Gold Serving Cart- Lillian Home

    Melody Gold Serving Cart


Gold Bookcase and Decorative Shelves

Lillian Home’s modern bookcase shelves can complete and enhance any room. Our modern bookcase shelves are the perfect piece to tie a space together. These unique bookcase shelves are made of iron with tempered glass and features a gold or silver finish, perfect accent pieces for any home decoration. You can use it as single or you can pair it up. So whether you’re looking for a unique shelf to fit a certain spot, or are more interested in the big picture of bringing your own vision of elegant home decor to life, Lillian Home has just what you’re looking for. Browse our collections today!
Gold Bookcases
Shopping for a modern bookcase shelf for your home? At Lillian Home we carry a contemporary selection of bookcase shelves. Modern bookcase shelves are a great way to accent your rooms and display decorative items and books. Our stylish shelves available in a beautiful gold finish. No matter what your style, you will find the perfect modern bookcase shelf to enhance the interior of any room here!
If you have any questions about our modern bookcase shelves, or for more information, feel free to call us at 844-762-8158 or send an email here. Shop our selection of gold bookcase shelves today!