Generational Change is Bringing New Home Decorating Trends

Living room with tulip sectional mirror

The Baby Boomer home decorating dream often included large, solid, brand-name furniture and matching sets, but with millennials, we’re seeing new home decorating trends. Millennials—roughly defined as the generation born between the mid-1980s to early 2000s—are interested in creating their own look and finding pieces that are authentic and full of character.

Eclectic Style

Today’s young adults love putting together their home decor in an eclectic fashion, mixing modern and vintage, purchased and inherited, factory-produced and DIY furniture and accessories. In today’s new home decorating trends, millennials repurpose older pieces and do them up in their own style to create a look that’s antique and fresh at the same time.

Rustic Industrial

As far as an overall look, rustic industrial, mid century modern, and Scandinavian are the top three picks for new decorating trends. Rustic industrial is the clear winner, featuring brick walls, wooden-look floors, exposed beams, and rustic metal and wood fixtures. The metal and distressed wood textures of many of our hanging lights fit perfectly into this aesthetic for a look that’s modern and industrial with a rustic, hand-finished edge.


For individual pieces in new home decorating trends, millennials want items that are authentic. This includes original antique pieces, one-of-a-kind artisan work, and hand-crafted furnishings with the human touch. They are very conscious of the materials and labor that go into their purchases and often prefer natural textures and local brands that can trace each item back to its source. Our handmade, hand-painted pottery lamps are a great example of this trend toward authentic, artisan products.

Creating Your Own Aesthetic

Finally, individuality is the key in new home decorating trends. This generation loves decor that is unique, personalized, customized, and one of a kind. It’s no longer about having the same coveted couch or dining table as the Joneses, but rather having a coffee table or wall sconce that no one else has, achieving a unique look and aesthetic that’s distinctive and stands out from the crowd.

Shop Handmade Antique and Rustic-Look Furniture at Lillian Home

At Lillian Home, we pride ourselves on producing original designs and finishing our stylish and rustic home furnishings by hand. Hand finishing means that no two lamps, hanging lights, or coffee tables are exactly alike, and our original designs mean that you won’t find anything like our lighting fixtures, mirrors, or furniture anywhere else.

Our products are a modern take on classic, antique styles. They are timeless while being full of character and personality—giving you the opportunity to express your individual style and taste. To learn more about our quality home furnishings, call us at 844-762-8158 or email [email protected] and we will be more than happy to assist you. Shop elegant, modern home furniture and accessories today!

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