Home Decoration Ideas in 2020

2020 Home Decoration Ideas: What to buy for home decoration in 2020?

 Maybe it’s been a while since you last redecorated your home, or perhaps you’re furnishing a new place and you want to know what’s in style now. Fashions are always changing, but at Lillian Home we’ve got you covered. Here, we’ve gathered four of the best 2020 home decor trends so you can be assured that your new lights and furnishings will be stylish for years to come.

1. Natural Off White Finishes and Simple Looking Materials

This may seem contradictory, but both natural and urban industrial aesthetics are in fashion right now — sometimes separately, sometimes together.

If you opt for the natural direction, choose wooden furniture (with an attractive finish), woven décor, and stone-look kitchen surfaces. Balance out the clean, simple look of your interior with some leafy green plants. Add a high-contrast rug for focus, and you’re good to go!

For an urban industrial style, concrete, brick, and metal are the perfect materials. Try a subway brick backsplash in your kitchen, or add metal fixtures and concrete furniture to your existing interior.

Either way, darker tones of wood, and faded light woods, are both pretty hot 2020 home decor trends, so you’ve got some room to play around here based on what works best with your home’s natural lighting and interior colors.

If you want to try combining the two looks, use the industrial feel for your background — like brick-look wall tiling — and overlay that with stone, wood, and gold highlights. Our lustrous tables make great highlights against darker, less-reflective backdrops.

2. Earth Tones with Color Combination for Luxury Interior

Earthy colors are making an appearance in 2020 home decor trends. White, ochres, grey, browns, blues, gold and silver are the top picks, with white and gold features being a particular hit. Incorporate some actual earthenware into the mix with our metal base lamps — available in gold, white, silver, black, and brown colors.

Earth tones emphasize peace and tranquility. You might pair a sky-blue wall with rusty orange, ginger, and maroon furniture in the foreground, reminiscent of rolling fields of grass in the dry season. A bold grey wall might provide the ideal backdrop for white furniture, reminiscent of home and hearth in the wintertime. Whatever you choose, go for contrast in your use of this very grounding color palette, and add a few indoor plants or a stone water feature to complete the look.

3. Vintage Light Fixtures styles Twisted for Today’s Transitional Home Decoration

This is one of our favorite 2020 home decor trends, because vintage and classic lighting designs with modern touch are our passion at Lillian Home. Check out our collection of Lighting and for ideas on transitional lights that could work in your home!

Ceiling lights are wildly popular this year, with the new wave of enthusiasm for the transitional style. Metal and gold, silver finishes are sure to please, but anything old-world and ornate style twisted with today’s transitional look will do the trick. For textures, built-in fading or a soft distressed look continue to be hot choices.

Don’t forget the bulbs themselves: If you use only 60-watt-equivalent bulbs, you’re missing a great opportunity to play with different lighting intensities. One lightscape to try is to punctuate soft room lighting with stronger lamplight or focused fixtures in areas where you need bright illumination to work or see properly. Don’t forget different light bulbs will make the light fixture look different

For a different approach, try dimmable ceiling lights, flush mount light and wall sconces , and work with your electrician to get them on different switches so you can play with the lighting to create just the right look for any mood.

4. Items from Around the World

If you’re going abroad during the summer, be sure to bring back weavings, art, and tchotchkes from your travel destinations. One of the year’s most exciting 2020 home decor trends is to go global with your décor. You could have themed areas separated by continent, or simply mix it all up for a cosmopolitan vibe.

Curio cabinets, once a home fashion focal point that eventually faded from design trends for decades, are currently enjoying a “deconstructed” resurgence, taking the form of big, deep shelves that are either freestanding or free-hanging. They serve as the perfect place to feature the flavors of the world right there in the very own comforts of your home.

Visitors will be sure to notice the diversity and splashes of ethnic color all around your house and ask you about your journeys. Items from other places that have been given to you as gifts have just as much history behind them and stories to tell. If you haven’t already, start collecting these valuable items and their stories now!

Find Your Best Angle on 2020 Home Interior Trends

These four 2020 home decor trends should give you lots of ideas and also lots of room for inspiration. The best part about going with something trendy is putting your personal spin on it and making it your own. So get creative and find your own angle on these current trends. Then you’ll have the best of personal self-expression together with a modern look, and that is a little part of what makes a house a home.

Lillian Home is proud to offer a unique range of classic and vintage transitional home décor with a modern twist, giving you stylish alternatives to the most common, run-of-the-mill designs in lighting and furniture. Browse our collection to find trendy, elegant pieces that speak to you!

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