5 Best Room Lighting Ideas for Fashionable Functionality

Dangling lights of varying lengths, suspended from a wooden ceiling.

Are you looking for creative ideas for lighting in your home? Perhaps you’re in the design stages for a new home, or simply redecorating, and you’ve realized it’s the perfect time to look for room lighting ideas to achieve an amazing result. Here, we give you five of our top room lighting ideas to bring out the best of your home design and decor.

1. Layer Your Lighting

When it comes to room lighting ideas, there are three types of lighting to think about: overall lighting (also called “ambient lighting”), task lighting, and accent lighting. Layering the three types gives you a much broader range of options for the mood you want to create and the areas of the room you want to illuminate. Positioning your lighting fixtures at different levels also increases the feeling of depth and interest in the room.

Ambient Lighting for Visibility

Overall or ambient lighting is usually positioned overhead and provides enough light to illuminate the entire room so you don’t bump into or trip over anything. An especially large room may warrant a combination of hanging and ceiling lights in a grid pattern, with separate switches to give you the flexibility of illuminating part or all of the room at any given time. Including dimmer switches on overhead lights in your room lighting ideas also enables you to create a softer or more romantic mood.

A carved wooden lamp with a natural linen shade.Task Lighting for Targeted Illumination

Task lighting refers to fixtures that light a smaller area and may be angled for targeted light that falls onto a desk or reading chair. Floor lamps and table lamps can turn a dark corner into a cosy nook, helping you to make the best use of each part of the space available. Table lamps go well in matching pairs—placed on end tables at either end of the couch or on matching bedside tables for symmetry and balance.

Accent Lighting for a Stylish Touch

In addition to ambient and task lighting, accent lighting is added for style and intrigue, bringing out special features in the room like a bookcase, fireplace, or painting. Including accent lights in your room lighting ideas further broadens the moods and the looks you can achieve in the room, and it adds a trendy touch of class.

2. Make Your Centerpiece a Focal Point

A hanging ambient light fixture as the centerpiece of your design can function as a wonderfully artistic focal point for the entire room. Imagine a stunning chandelier in a stately home with high ceilings, or a rustic wood-and-metal hanging lantern in a modern industrial hang-out.

When the carving and materials of your centerpiece are detailed and intriguing, you almost don’t need any paintings or statues to give the room a special flourish—the sculpture hanging from the ceiling does the job!

A wood and iron handlebar-style wall sconce with two candle-shaped globes.3. Decorate the Walls with Elegant Sconces

When you do have special features in the room like artwork, a mantel, or a fireplace, consider including some elegant wall sconces in your room lighting ideas. A pair of Marshall wood-iron sconces or Denver wood & iron sconces placed strategically around a wall feature provides subtle and stylish accent lighting while saving on floor space.

Alternatively, you can use a decorative wall sconce as a statement piece to fill an empty stretch while providing illumination. This is an especially useful low-ceiling room lighting idea where ornamental hanging lights are not an option.

4. Consider Some Creative Accent Lighting

No discussion of room lighting ideas would be complete without giving mention to the softest and classiest type of accent lighting available: candles! These classic lighting fixtures are just as attractive and stylish now as they have been for centuries.

A Pair of Candles for a Romantic Dinner

A pair of long, thin candles in decadent hand carved candle holders on the dining room table create a beautiful ambience to match any decor—highlighting the delicate colors of tasteful floral arrangements and reflecting off the sparkling silverware.

Candle Wall Sconces for Timeless Fascination

A row of candle wall sconces, or even a single wall sconce, adds mystery and a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to an entrance, hallway, or empty wall space. While the main ambient lighting will be provided by ceiling lights, candles add a delightful sense of intrigue and timelessness that is hard to beat.

A decorative oval-shaped mirror with a gold leaf frame.5. Amplify Your Lighting with Mirrors

To make the other room lighting ideas even more magical, add some hand-carved wooden or metal mirrors in strategic spots around the room. Mirrors reflect the available light (including natural light from windows), magnifying its beauty and creating a feeling of spaciousness in even the smallest of rooms.

For a particularly stylish touch, place a wall mirror behind a side table with decorative flowers or sculptures on top, illuminating the setup with either candles or table lamps to reflect the shapes and colors.

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