Vintage Mini Sea Glass Beads 0.5 Dia – Green


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Introducing the exquisitely crafted Vintage Mini Sea Glass Beads 0.5 Dia – Green, a quintessential adornment for the discerning connoisseurs seeking an exquisite touch of elegance. Imbued with the allure of the ocean, each bead showcases timeless sophistication and a rich history.

Meticulously curated from the finest sea glass fragments, these miniature beads are a true testament to the artisans’ dedication to excellence. With a diameter of 0.5, their dainty size evokes a sense of delicate refinement, perfect for augmenting your most cherished creations.

Rendering an undeniably captivating hue, these beads bear a resplendent shade of green, reminiscent of lush emerald vistas. The profound vibrancy of the color exhibits an everlasting charm, making it an impeccable choice for an array of artistic endeavors.

The Vintage Mini Sea Glass Beads are not merely decorative artifacts; they are imbued with an unmistakable aura of nostalgia and antiquity. Harvested meticulously from deep within the ocean’s embrace, each bead carries its own narrative, providing a window to the past.

Ideal for adorning intricately designed jewelry, fashion accessories, or adding an ethereal touch to art projects, these beads are as versatile as they are captivating. Their graceful presence exudes a sense of timeless beauty, allowing for endless creative possibilities.

Elevate your crafts with the Vintage Mini Sea Glass Beads 0.5 Dia – Green, a testament to elegance and everlasting allure. Seize this opportunity to impart a touch of sophistication to your creations, as you embrace the stories held within each bead, and allow their intrinsic charm to captivate all who behold them.

Size: L 0.5″ x W 0.5″ x H 20″

SKU: 2506XS-GR

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