Vase Carter L


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Introducing the elegant and refined Vase Carter L, a quintessential masterpiece crafted to bestow a touch of sophistication and grace upon your living space. Meticulously designed to seamlessly blend with any decor, this exquisite vase imparts an aura of opulence and timeless beauty.

The Vase Carter L proudly showcases a flawlessly curved silhouette, expertly handcrafted from premium glass, embodying both strength and delicacy. Its substantial size, measuring [specific measurements], ensures a captivating presence that effortlessly commands attention.

The sleek and polished exterior exudes an undeniable sense of refinement, while the transparent nature of the glass effortlessly accentuates floral arrangements or stands on its own as a statement piece. Combining functionality with aesthetic appeal, this vase artfully accommodates a variety of diverse floral compositions.

Furthermore, the Vase Carter L seamlessly incorporates subtle embellishments to elevate its elegance. The meticulously etched brand logo gracefully adorns the base, exemplifying its exclusive identity and impeccable workmanship. Designed to evoke a sense of sophistication, this exquisite décor item adds a touch of magnificence to any room.

Whether placed atop a majestic mantle, centred on an elegant dining table or positioned in an entryway to create a striking first impression, the Vase Carter L proves to be an unparalleled addition to your curated collection or a cherished gift for your discerning loved ones.

Inspired by timeless design principles and exemplifying uncompromising craftsmanship, the Vase Carter L embodies an enduring symbol of refinement and grandeur. Elevate your living space with an unmistakable touch of distinction and revel in the sheer splendor encapsulated in the Vase Carter L.

Size: L 5″ x W 5″ x H 18″

SKU: G100164

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