Tulip White and Gold Sectional Mirror


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Tulip white and gold sectional mirror is skillfully handmade frame in distressed antiqued white and gilded with gold leaf. Features a decorative sectional mirror with orb mirror in the center.

The Tulip Sectional mirror is inspired from vintage French windows. This mirror adds a sophisticated touch to any room. Featuring nuances from modern and classical art, this dual-toned antiqued white and gold mirror compliments and elevates any home décor.

It is soft, sophisticated, and awe-inspiring all in one piece. Multi-step finishing process and fine-craftsmanship makes each mirror truly one of a kind.

  • Decorative Wood frame
  • Finish: Silver Leaf with Gold Leaf
  • Material: Wood and Mirror
  • Dimensions: Width 36″X Height 50″X Deep 1”

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