Serena Solid Wood Table Lamp


Serena Solid Wood Table Lamp is not just a source of ambient lightig but a decorative that adds depth and character to your living areas. The black lampshade and cream body create a delightful silhouette. The contrasting feature of this piece features impressive woodworking and craftsmanship.

The rustic vibe is created by the distressed wood finish and the gilt-edged shade. The dusky glow makes a perfect addition to a side table, bedside cabinet or console.

  • Wood: Solid Oak Wood
  • Craftsmanship: Hand Carved, Hand Made, and Hand Painted
  • Design: Cream With Black Accents and Natural Wood Showing Ware.
  • Material: Solid Oak wood and Linen Fabric
  • Size: 15”Width x 15”Deep x 31”Height
  • Shade size: 15”Width x 15” deep x 10”height x 13.5” top width
  • Lamp base size only: 8″ width x 8″ depth x 18″ height
  • Shade: SST-15 BLACK, Square Black Shade
  • Fabric: Black Linen With Gold Lining

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