Selenite Tealight Holder Small – Min 3


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Introducing the Selenite Tealight Holder Small – Min 3, a refined and elegant addition to elevate the ambiance of any contemporary space. Crafted with utmost finesse, this product seamlessly combines astute functionality with unparalleled aesthetics.

Dedicated to infusing a gentle radiance into your surroundings, the Selenite Tealight Holder Small – Min 3 is fashioned from premium quality selenite, renowned for its exquisite translucency and ethereal allure. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted to showcase the sheer sophistication and timeless beauty that defines this exceptional accessory.

Designed with versatility in mind, this tealight holder effortlessly accommodates up to three tealights, skillfully enhancing any occasion with an enchanting luminosity. The intimate glow emitted from the flickering flames delicately permeates through the impeccable selenite structure, casting mesmerizing patterns that create an ambiance of serenity and serendipity within innumerable settings.

The compact dimensions of the Selenite Tealight Holder Small – Min 3 offer an opportunity to effortlessly integrate its allure into various spaces, be it a cozy living room, an intimate dining area, or a tranquil bedroom sanctuary. Its understated elegance effortlessly blends into any interior decor, serving as a captivating centerpiece or a tasteful embellishment for consoles, shelves, or tabletops.

Delight in the incomparable allure of the Selenite Tealight Holder Small – Min 3, as it captivates and enchantingly transforms spaces with its ethereal glow and alluring beauty. Embrace the ambiance it offers, as well as the charm it exudes, and indulge in the harmonious fusion of functionality and style that this exceptional piece embodies.

Size: L 2.5″ x W 2.5″ x H 2.5″

SKU: 2605

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