Emily 2 Shelves Black Coffee Table


Emily 2 Shelves Black Coffee Table is a perfect for drinks, books, or projects. It is meant to be functional on a day-to-day basis as well as good looking, which means you’re going to want to put it in the central areas of a room, next to a sofa or chairs, where it can do the most good. For an elegant and modern look in your living room, look no further than this delightful black leaf coffee table. The spacious tempered glass top mirrored bottom provide room for your drinks, books, magazines, and decorative pieces like potted plants and vases. Elevate your home decor with Emily 2 Shelves Black Coffee Table by Lillian Home.

Finish:  Black Leaf

Size: 60”width x 38”deep x 20”height

Style: Two Shelves 

Top: Tempered glass

Bottom: Mirror

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