B&W Foo Dog Square Tea Jar


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Introducing the B&W Foo Dog Square Tea Jar, an exquisite addition to your tea collection that seamlessly blends elegance and functionality. Crafted with utmost precision and imbued with unrivaled quality, this tea jar exudes timeless sophistication.

Constructed with a square shape, the B&W Foo Dog Tea Jar presents a harmonious union of traditional Chinese aesthetics and contemporary design. Its sleek and symmetrical form, combined with its nuanced black and white color palette, epitomizes the epitome of understated luxury.

Intricately adorned with finely detailed foo dog motifs, depicting mythical creatures from ancient Chinese culture renowned for their protective qualities, this tea jar carries an alluring symbolism. These meticulously crafted embellishments not only add a touch of opulence but also serve as a talisman, safeguarding your tea leaves with the utmost care.

As functionality remains at the forefront, the B&W Foo Dog Square Tea Jar offers a capacious interior, providing ample space to store your favorite tea leaves. This airtight compartment ensures the preservation of your teas’ flavors, aromas, and beneficial properties, securing their freshness for an extended duration.

Durability and longevity are of paramount importance, and thus this tea jar is manufactured from high-grade materials to withstand the test of time. Its sturdy build and robust design guarantee years of dependable use, promising to be an enduring companion in your tea-drinking ritual.

Embrace the epitome of refinement and elevate your tea experience with the B&W Foo Dog Square Tea Jar. Revel in its opulent allure, while entrusting your precious tea leaves to its protective embrace. Immerse yourself in the rich history and artistry encapsulated within this tea jar, a masterpiece that combines tradition and modernity in perfect harmony.

Size: L 7″ x W 7″ x H 11″

SKU: 1377A

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