Blue & White Twisted Lotus Umbrella Stand Vase


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Introducing the exquisitely designed Blue & White Twisted Lotus Umbrella Stand Vase, a quintessential addition to any tastefully appointed home. This meticulously handcrafted piece serves both functionality and aesthetic charm, offering a perfect solution for organizing your umbrellas while adding a touch of elegance to your living space.

Crafted with utmost precision, the Blue & White Twisted Lotus Umbrella Stand Vase boasts a captivating blend of timeless appeal and contemporary allure. The expertly twisted lotus pattern, crafted with care and intricate attention to detail, creates a visually stunning centerpiece that effortlessly complements any interior décor.

Constructed from premium quality ceramic material, this umbrella stand vase guarantees exceptional durability, ensuring a lasting addition to your home décor. The carefully chosen blue and white color palette offers a harmonious balance and understated sophistication, seamlessly blending into your existing design scheme.

Beyond its captivating aesthetics, this umbrella stand vase excels in its practicality. Measuring generously, it accommodates numerous umbrellas, keeping them neatly organized and providing swift access whenever needed. The sturdy base provides stability and prevents accidental tipping, ensuring a secure and reliable storage solution for your umbrellas.

To maintain this exceptional piece, simply wipe it clean with a soft cloth for quick and effortless upkeep. The Blue & White Twisted Lotus Umbrella Stand Vase is not only an elegant decor accent but also a functional accessory that embodies sophisticated style within your living space.

Indulge in the timeless beauty of the Blue & White Twisted Lotus Umbrella Stand Vase, a statement piece that harmoniously fuses functionality with exquisite design. Elevate the ambiance of your surroundings while ensuring your umbrellas are readily organized and easily accessible. Experience a perfect blend of form and function with this remarkable piece, truly epitomizing elegance and refinement.

Size: L 11″ x W 11″ x H 22″

SKU: 1407

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