Blue & White Silla Longevity Wide Top Jar


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Introducing the Blue & White Silla Longevity Wide Top Jar, an exquisite addition to any sophisticated decor. Crafted with utmost precision and inspired by the splendid aesthetics of traditional Korean art, this product seamlessly combines timeless design with superb functionality.

The Blue & White Silla Longevity Wide Top Jar stands tall and proud with its robust construction, handcrafted to perfection from premium quality ceramics. Its wide top opening adds convenience while ensuring easy access to its capacious interior, allowing you to effortlessly store a variety of items. The generous size of this jar exudes versatility, perfect for housing an assortment of trinkets, jewelry, or potpourri, while also making a remarkable standalone centerpiece.

Complemented by its captivating blue and white color scheme, reminiscent of the celebrated Silla Dynasty, this jar exudes a sense of tranquility and sophistication, adding an air of refined elegance to any space. Meticulously adorned with intricate patterns and motifs illustrating the iconic Korean symbol of longevity, this product serves as a visually striking testament to the rich cultural heritage it represents.

The Blue & White Silla Longevity Wide Top Jar is not only a sight to behold but also boasts exceptional durability, making it a lasting investment. The high-quality ceramic materials used in its construction ensure longevity and resilience, ensuring this jar will delight you and your guests for years to come.

Enhance your living environment with the Blue & White Silla Longevity Wide Top Jar, a true masterpiece that encapsulates the splendor of traditional Korean craftsmanship. Adorn your mantelpiece, side table, or shelf with this stunning piece, and revel in the elegance it bestows upon your home or office. Experience the fusion of timeless beauty, functionality, and durability that only this meticulously crafted jar can provide.

Size: L 15″ x W 15″ x H 16″

SKU: 1389-BW

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