Blue Coral 16 -20 Inch On Acrylic Base


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Introducing the Blue Coral 16 – 20 Inch On Acrylic Base, an exquisite product delicately crafted to elevate your decor with unparalleled elegance. This majestic piece, carefully designed to perfection, blends exceptional aesthetics with superior functionality, making it a remarkable addition to any setting.

Crafted with utmost precision, the Blue Coral showcases a breathtaking 16 – 20-inch size, offering a striking focal point that effortlessly captivates onlookers. Its meticulously formed coral structure, meticulously detailed with unparalleled artistry, reveals a true testament to craftsmanship and sophistication.

The inclusion of an acrylic base not only ensures enhanced stability but also complements the divine aura of the Blue Coral. This pristinely clear foundation subtly illuminates the coral, infusing an ethereal glow that permeates its surroundings, imbuing any room with an enchanting radiance.

Constructed with the finest materials, the Blue Coral boasts exceptional durability and longevity. It effortlessly withstands the tests of time, ensuring its endurance and making it a cherished heirloom to be passed down through generations.

The Blue Coral 16 – 20 Inch On Acrylic Base is a true embodiment of unrivaled excellence in both form and function. Whether adorning a refined living room, an opulent office space, or a luxurious hotel lobby, this exceptional masterpiece guarantees to elevate any environment to new heights of refinement.

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled splendor of the Blue Coral, a coveted piece that transcends mere decoration to become an everlasting symbol of beauty and sophistication. Own this exquisite creation today and indulge in its timeless allure that is sure to captivate discerning eyes and evoke an air of refined opulence.

Size: L 14″ x W 18″ x H 16″

SKU: 8073-XL

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