Blue And White Kylin Planter With Lion Handles


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Introducing our distinguished and elegantly designed Blue And White Kylin Planter With Lion Handles. This exquisite piece exemplifies the perfect fusion of classic artistry and timeless sophistication.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this planter boasts a striking blue and white color palette, radiating an aura of refined charm wherever it is placed. The vibrant hues, thoughtfully combined, infuse an air of tranquility and grace into any living space, from luxurious households to distinguished commercial establishments.

The centerpiece of this splendid creation is its splendidly sculpted Kylin handles, each meticulously crafted to resonate with a sense of regal grandeur. Drawing inspiration from ancient Chinese mythology, these majestic creatures exemplify protection, strength, and prosperity, serving as constant guardians of your beloved plants.

This planter’s durable ceramic construction ensures both aesthetic allure and long-lasting functionality. The carefully selected materials guarantee robustness, accommodating both indoor and outdoor settings. Weather resistance allows for seamless integration into your garden or patio, while the refined finish gracefully complements any indoor décor.

With its generous dimensions, this planter provides ample room for your botanical treasures to flourish. Lush foliage, blooming blossoms, and delicate ferns find an exquisite home, thriving within the nurturing confines of this distinguished container. Its spacious capacity enhances versatility, accommodating various plant sizes and species effortlessly.

Elevate your space with the Blue And White Kylin Planter With Lion Handles, a testimony to the harmonious blend of artistic elegance and practical functionality. Embrace the true essence of sophistication with this masterpiece, an amalgamation of culture, history, and timeless allure.

Size: L 23″ x W 23″ x H 21.5″

SKU: 1151

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