• Calloway Carved Wooden Candelabra - Lillian Home

    Calloway Carved Wooden Candelabra


  • Maddox Carved Wood Candle Holder - Lillian Home

    Maddox Carved Wood Candle Holder


  • Pierce Carved Wood Candle Holder - Lillian Home

    Pierce Carved Wood Candle Holder


  • Ash Carved Solid Wood Candle Holder - Lillian Home

    Ash Carved Solid Wood Candle Holder


  • Par Distressed Candlestick - Lillian Home

    Par Distressed Candlestick


Candle Holders, Wood, Crystal and Iron Candle Stick

Shopping for classic candle holders or home accessories? At Lillian Home we carry a traditional selection of wood and metal candle holders. Our classic candlesticks will add elegance to any room. Nothing makes a fireplace look grander than a set of traditional candlesticks placed on the mantle. Our classic candle holders come in gold, metal, and wood finishes. Looking for a classic solid wood candle holder with a modern twist? Shop our collection of solid wood candlesticks to complete the decoration of your interior. Traditional style candle holders look great on top of dining room tables, mantels, cabinets, shelves, or side tables. Whether you are shopping for a classic candle holder for your bedroom, dining room, living room, den, or family room, you will find the perfect candlesticks to enhance your home’s décor here. There are thousands of home accessories online, but few that merge classic styles as elegantly as Lillian Home’s wooden home accessories, chic gold leaf trays, and sophisticated modern art wall hangings. Here you’ll discover tasteful and unique home accessory pieces for every room in the house. Lillian Home designs modern wooden home accessories, mirrored serving trays, hanging art pieces, and candle holders that add a distinct touch to your home. With our collection of home accessories online, you can effortlessly bring out your personal style that complements your family’s taste and personality. One look at our home accents and you’ll fall in love with the timeless designs at Lillian Home. Merging beautiful designs and styles with an heirloom level of quality craftsmanship in every piece Lillian Home offers means that you’ll enjoy your mirrored and wooden home accessories for years to come. Browse our collections and find your new favorite wooden home accessories, mirrored trays, wall candle holders, candlesticks, and more at Lillian Home!
If you have any questions about our wooden, gold, or silver candle holders, or for more information, feel free to call us at 844-762-8158 or send an email here. Shop our selection of candlesticks today!